12 Day Cleanse

Starting yesterday I have committed to a 12 day cleanse. If you know me, you know that I workout hard so I can also have the liberty to eat some foods that may not be on the top 10 healthiest foods list :) This cleanse includes:

1. Eliminating all sugars (including fruits, except for berries with a low GI index)

2. Eliminating gluten, this means breads and grains

3. Eliminating dairy

My diet will be confined to vegetables, proteins, and fats (nuts and oils). I will be keeping a log of my energy and my digestive inflammation (through waist measurement). I am doing the cleanse with a partner to help with motivation and accountability. We are committed to ourselves and each other to stay strong and not to cheat. Yesterday he told me that he was at Safeway and almost bought a chocolate easter egg. After being overwhelmed with the guilt of letting me down he gave the chocolate to the checkout woman. Just one example of why it’s helpful to do these things together!

I would also like to add that my cleanse partner has mentioned many times, that although we are calling this a “cleanse” it is really the way we are meant to eat. With all the refined and genetically modified foods on the market today it is difficult to eat how we did 10 000 years ago (when diabetes and obesity wasn’t an epidemic). So we’re going back to our roots and calling it a cleanse.

Is anybody interested in joining? Please leave comments and questions as always!



My favorite supplement – Vega

Lately I have been referring more and more of my clients to the protein shake that has been enhancing my physical fitness, my energy and even my mood! I normally start with one shake in the morning and one after my workout. After you weight train it is important to nourish your muscles with protein so the muscle fibers can repair themselves.  Ultimately, this makes your workouts more effective. The best thing about this shake is that it’s not just a protein supplement but a plant based whole food health optimizer. Meaning in one glass it really covers all of your bases for the nutrients you will need for the rest of the day. The main thing that drew me to it was that it was made for vegans, and I am a vegetarian (who eats fish :). However even though the majority of our population are meat eaters we still tend to have a non balanced diet. Whether that means missing out on adequate carbohydrates, fats and/or proteins.   Vega is high in protein, fiber and essential fatty acids AND it doesn’t even taste that bad!