Cleanse Wrap Up

Total weight lost: 6 lbs

Total Body fat lost: 3.4%

I finally finished over the weekend! There was no better place to kick the cleanse than a Canucks playoff game followed by a trainers night out. So that’s what I did. To be quite honest, I was a little sad it was over. My energy was good, my skin looked clean and fresh and my body felt great.  It’s nice to have strict rules for a certain amount of time, just so you can see the finish line. For a girl who loves carbs, a finish line is necessary. I’m going to keep the main rules of the cleanse during the week and as per usual, allow myself to cheat on the weekends. After all going back to the 80/20  rule keeps me happy and healthy. Depending on your goal this may not be the best strategy for you. My goal was to cleanse my system. Let me know what your goals are and we can go organize a suitable approach for you.

Looking forward to hearing all of you results!!