Waterfront Yoga @ Canada Place

Today was the first outdoor yoga class. We had perfect weather and a fantastic turnout. For me practicing outside gives a whole other sense of gratitude and grounding. There was a moment as I was teaching where I was entirely consumed by one tiny detail like the alignment of your big toe and all of a sudden I looked up. Does this place really exist? The sky was clear, the ocean was feeding our flow and the mountains gave a sense of humbling “one-ness”. There is another element to practicing outside that you just don’t experience indoors. Appreciation and gratitude for you surroundings. Surroundings being the environment, peers and community. I was so happy to see each and every student take time to come and practice for a cause higher than themselves (Strathcona community Center’s charity program). When we can learn to feel gratitude we learn that we have more to offer to the community at large. I am so inspired and honoured by everybody who made it out tonight and I’m looking forward to the classes to come! xo

Mondays & Thursdays from 5:30- 6:30 pm


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